Aneudy S.

Got my first part of my deep cleaning done today it was great ! Jenna was more than helpful with any question I had!

Barry F.

Dr Gangji, Jess and Stacey were wonderful as usual. Lucy an I are very appreciative of the care and attention we receive. Thanks to all.

Leanne H.

I had never been comfortable at the dentist, but that changed when I discovered Gentle Family Dentistry in Bethlehem. They are patient, understanding, and fun – something I have never associated with dentistry! Dr Ramirez is wonderful, and the office staff (Stacey and Maria) are great! Highly recommended.

Holly R.

I switched dentists after a bad experience and I am SO HAPPY to have found Gentle Family Dentistry in Allentown. They took the time to thoroughly review my needs and they have upfront pricing. Dr. Gangji is not only friendly & warm, but also smart, informative, and makes you feel at ease. I also saw Dr. Ladani who took the time to explain any procedure and is always courteous of my schedule (I usually go for my cleaning over a lunch break). My hygenist Jessica P was very thorough and answered all my questions. SWITCH NOW!

James N.

Awesome staff very kind and caring . No criticism just understanding and personal touch. Best dentists I have ever went to 🙂

Dylan F.

My hygienist, Brooke, was an absolute gem. Nice, knowledgeable and non-threatening!

Dr. Ramirez was a sharp guy and Maria was very nice, as well as accommodating. Great first impression of the practice. Well done.

Christopher V.

Great place to have any dental work done
Jenna and Maria made me feel as if I been going there my whole life…….. extremely helpful and attentive….

Tracy G.

Excellent Service and great conversation. Thank you Brooke at Gentle Family Dentistry for helping me with my smile!! Thank you ladies at the front desk and thank you Doctor Ramirez for all you do!!

Shonda T.

Myself and my daughter went as new patients and we both had a pleasant experience with all the staff! Jenna was great explaining options for my long treatment plan as I have neglected the dentist for so long. Stephanie did an amazing job and has her work cut out for her. She is great! I will be returning for several appointments but don’t mind because Dr. Ramirez is Awesome! I had my wisdom tooth pulled and it was easy as pie! My daughter will be returning as well! BEST DENTIST OFFICE EVER

Christopher O.

My entire life I’ve bounced around many different dental offices with many complications and nightmare stories which has thankfully led me to Gentle Family Dentistry. After a botched Root Canal Job at a different local Dentist, I desperately NEEDED help and Gentle Family Dentistry answered that call. It started with Jenna who got me situated, scheduled and seen immediately. This was refreshing having someone so considerate and knowledgeable helping me from the start. The office staff (Stacey) is friendly, and always willing to work with my schedule when making appointments. The hygienists/assistants who I see regularly (Brooke, and Charlotte) are the two I request frequently because they are excellent at what they do, and are also very personable. My Dentists Dr. Ganji and Dr. Ramirez have now treated me for quite a few different things, Cavities, Root Canals, Crowns, Wisdom Tooth Extractions, and now my Invisalign journey. They are professional, precise, and provide me with high quality care that puts my mind at ease knowing I’m in the best hands. Reflecting back on all my experiences, I can easily say Gentle Family Dentistry is the best around, and would recommend this office to any of my family or friends.

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