Give Yourself A New Smile for the New Year

If you’re one of those people who is addicted to coffee shops, you may also have the dull smile of a coffee drinker. Especially if you’ve been drinking coffee for years and years, you may suddenly notice how your teeth have changed. Take a look at one of the photos you’ve likely taken over the holidays and ask yourself, “Do my teeth look as bright as they should?” Darkened teeth are common, as many of us enjoy coffee, red wine, and other foods that stain our teeth. But, you don’t have to live with those stains. Keep reading to learn more about teeth whitening for the new year.

Why should I whiten my teeth?

You may have been considering teeth whitening for years, or it may have suddenly occurred to you. Either way, why suffer through the self-consciousness that comes with a stained smile?  Come to the bright side.

Modern day life often means social media, and that means selfies. Showing the world who you are can be a great way to make new friends and explore your own neighborhood, but social media can also bring around negative side effects. Comparing ourselves to others can damage our self esteem or encourage us to become models instead of enjoying what we’re doing. It’s important to understand why we do the things we do.

But, if you find that your smile is keeping you from connecting with people, or if you don’t like to show your teeth, then we can help. You may benefit from teeth whitening, and in more ways than just your looks!

What do you offer?

We offer Zoom, the best teeth whitening system that whitens your teeth up to eight shades lighter in the comfort of our office. This wonderful teeth whitening system can be used at home, too! Choose what works for you. Either way, you’ll be getting a whiter, brighter smile for the new year!

Call us at (610) 861-0190 for our Bethlehem location or (610) 973-2090 for our Allentown location. We would love to help you choose the teeth whitening options that best suits you!

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