When patients might benefit from endodontic therapy

Patients who have experienced toothaches in the past know how distracting and uncomfortable they can be. This is especially true for those who notice an uncontrollable pain in a tooth. In a situation such as this, a patient needs to seek dental assistance as soon as possible to address the problem and alleviate themselves from the pain. At Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center, our team can provide endodontic therapy, more commonly known as a “root canal.”

What happens during root canal therapy?

During this endodontic procedure, the dentist will access the inner area of the tooth, known as the canals. These canals house the dental pulp, which is a mass of tissues that include the blood supply and nerves. The dental pulp is removed using specialized instruments before the canals are disinfected to address any bacteria that may be present. The tooth is then sealed with gutta percha and composite resin before being covered with a custom dental crown. The entire process eliminates the infection of the tooth as well as the pain and discomfort it caused the patient.

When might I benefit from root canal therapy?

Patients who are struggling with a toothache that is not caused by a bacteria may be dealing with an infection of the tooth. This infection can only be addressed with root canal therapy. Without this procedure, patients have no choice but to permanently extract the tooth and then work with a dental professional to determine the best tooth replacement option that can help in restoring the smile. Root canal therapy eliminates these steps while ensuring the natural tooth remains in the mouth. Patients are also relieved of the infection that caused the pain they dealt with when their condition worsened.

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Patients in the areas of Allentown and Bethlehem, PA who believe they require root canal therapy to save an infected tooth are encouraged to book a consultation visit and initial examination with the providers at Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center. Our providers are here to assist both new and current patients and families in our state-of-the-art dental facility!

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