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Positive Man Gesturing Ok SignPatients are often told by a dental professional that they need root canal therapy when they have inflammation, infection, or an abscess at the root of a tooth. While the idea of root canal treatment may seem scary, the media has been all wrong! Instead of the procedure being painful, it is actually painless with anesthetics and sedation and helps relieve patients of pain—not the other way around! The team at Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center in the areas of Bethlehem and Allentown, PA are here to help educate patients on the process so they can better understand why this treatment is being recommended to them.

What is root canal therapy?

The root canal procedure, often referred to as endodontic therapy, is a treatment that eliminates the need for permanent extraction of a natural tooth. Instead, it removes the inner pulp from the natural tooth to deaden it, and fills the empty, disinfected canals with gutta percha and composite resin to seal it off. Because the removal of the dental pulp can cause the tooth to become weak and brittle, a dental crown may be placed over the top as an extra layer of protection and strength.

What are the alternatives to root canal therapy?

There is no alternative to endodontic treatment other than the permanent extraction of the natural tooth. The procedure is often performed as a way to save the natural tooth and maintain its placement in the smile, also avoiding the expense of tooth replacement options like dental implants and dentures. Without root canal therapy, patients have other choices to make to restore the smile.

How do I know if I need root canal therapy?

Whenever the dental pulp inside of a tooth has become infected or inflamed, patients will often benefit from having the root canal procedure performed to address the issue and relieve pain and discomfort. If you think you might have a problem with a tooth and require dental attention, call one of the practice locations of Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center to obtain a thorough evaluation and learn more about the treatment.

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