Invisalign offers cosmetic and functional realignment of the smile

While the concept of having a beautiful smile is highly desirable, the methods to get there are often not. Patients of the Bethlehem and Allentown, PA communities who are considering straightening their smile typically avoid bringing it up to their dentist for fear of requiring traditional metal bracket and wire braces. These are often unsightly, uncomfortable, and difficult to care for. Fortunately, the team of Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center is pleased to offer an alternative called Invisalign.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is an alternative orthodontic treatment that is used by our providers to gently and comfortably reposition the teeth within the smile without covering them with unattractive brackets and wires. Instead, the Invisalign method utilizes custom, clear plastic trays that are fabricated to fit precisely over the dental arch and gently move the teeth into better positioning with in the dental arch. In doing so, not only can patients obtain the smile of their dreams, but they can do so without feeling embarrassed by traditional orthodontia. The treatment is also monitored by the dentist they already know and trust, eliminating the need for a referral to an orthodontist.

Reasons for treatment

Invisalign is a popular way for patients to realign the smile and address mild to moderate misalignment of the teeth. With Invisalign, patients find that they not only improve the alignment and function of their smile, but the cosmetic appearance of the teeth. When patients have overcrowding, there are many areas for bacteria and food particles to hide and contribute to the development of tooth decay and periodontal disease. By straightening the teeth, patients can make a dramatic improvement in the aesthetics, functionality, and the confidence in their smiles!

Why choose Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center for Invisalign?

Not only do we have years of experience in building attractive smiles for our patients, but we are also Invisalign platinum providers. We have the training and expertise to ensure patients get the smiles they desire using these clear aligner trays while looking and feeling their best!

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The team of Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center is here to help patients in the areas of Bethlehem and Allentown, PA. Call one of our locations to learn more about Invisalign orthodontics with our dentists, who are platinum providers!

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