3 Reasons to Try Invisalign

InvisalignOne of the most popular alternatives to braces for kids and adults is Invisalign®.

Invisalign is a modern alternative to traditional metal braces that allows you to get a straighter smile using clear aligners. These clear aligners work as clear braces and are custom-made and tailored for your teeth using 3-D computer technology.

From there, sets of aligners are sent to you to wear for two weeks at a time. The aligners will gradually guide your teeth into their correct positioning, leaving you with a straighter smile.

3 Reasons to Try Invisalign


If you’re thinking of trying Invisalign, here are three reasons why they may be a great fit:

They Are Discreet

Since Invisalign uses clear aligners, the process is discreet. If the thought of wearing metal or ceramic braces makes you self-conscious, then Invisalign is the perfect alternative.

You Can Take Them Out

Unlike traditional braces, you can take Invisalign aligners out when you eat and when you brush your teeth. This makes both of these daily activities much easier and way less of a hassle.

They Are Comfortable

Metal braces can be uncomfortable, but Invisalign fits seamlessly into your mouth. After a few days, you won’t even notice your trays are on.

Ready to Try Invisalign?

If you are looking for a straighter and healthier smile, but are wanting to avoid all of the negatives that come with traditional braces, look no further.

Invisalign is here to help you get the smile of your dreams as discreetly as possible. Gentle Family Dentistry & Implant Center is the perfect place to get your Invisalign treatment done.

The team here is ready to set you and your smile up for success. Contact us today at 610-861-0190 or schedule your appointment online with us. We look forward to helping you!

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