Top Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Dental Treatments Bethlehem & Allentown PAWhy is it that when we eat, we first jump to our weight, or our heart? It’s pretty rare to go out to eat with someone and have them comment on how their meal might affect their teeth. But, what we put in our mouths must affect our teeth. How come we never stop to think about our teeth when we eat?

Want to avoid the worst foods for your teeth? Keep reading.

Hard Candy

Hard candies combine sugar and hardness to make them one of the worst things you can eat when it comes to dental health. Sugar can help cause cavities over time, so if you have a sweet tooth, you might want to be extra vigilant about drinking water to wash some of that sugar away through the day. Hard candies can also chip teeth, so be careful if you simply can’t give them up.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea aren’t always so bad, but sugary coffee and tea expose your teeth to more sugar than we recommend. Coffee and tea are also known to stain teeth over time.

Sticky Food

Super sticky candies and foods can cause just as much damage as really hard candies. Why? Sticky food lingers even longer than other foods because it can catch and stick in between teeth, causing prolonged exposure to teeth. Keep cavities at bay by avoiding sticky sweets, or at least having some floss handy to limit the exposure.


What’s starting to become common on this list? Yep, you guessed it: sugar. Soda pop and other sugary drinks are also usually acidic, which just breaks down the enamel on your teeth even faster.


Alcohol can contain sugar, but it also can dehydrate you. What does that have to do with teeth? Well, when you’re dehydrated, your chance of having a dry mouth also goes up. The lack of saliva exposes your teeth to tooth decay or an infection. It probably won’t happen overnight, but a heavy drinker might experience a dental complication due to alcohol.

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