Nine fun facts about your smile

While we brush and floss our teeth every day, we may not know a whole lot about our teeth other than ways to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. The team at Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center is fascinated by the function, structure, and unique traits of human teeth, and want to educate patients on several fun facts they may not know about their teeth and mouth! 

  1. Tooth enamel is the hardest part of the body. The protective layer the surrounds the tooth is known as enamel, and it is stronger than the bones in your body!
  2. The order in which baby teeth erupt is often the same order in which they will fall out on their own.
  3. Not everyone has four wisdom teeth. Some have up to eight, with two in each corner, and others have no wisdom teeth at all!
  4. Approximately two-thirds of a tooth’s surface lies beneath the gums, which is why it is important to brush and care for the gum tissues that surround the teeth.
  5. Smiles are unique. Just like fingerprints, the teeth are unique to each individual. This is why forensic dentistry is used to identify individuals in criminal investigations.
  6. The amount of bacteria present in the human mouth is more than the number of people on Earth.
  7. The tooth is the only part of a human body that cannot heal itself, which is why prevention of cavities is vital!
  8. The tastebuds on the tongue last about ten days, and regenerate in about one to two weeks.
  9. Approximately 90% of diseases in the body, including diabetes and heart disease, have a connection to your oral health and wellness due to the “oral systemic connection.”

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