Using tooth fillings to restore the smile

By taking care of the smile, most patients can maintain their oral health. Brushing, flossing, and routine dental visits are critical to ensuring the smile is functioning at its best and is as beautiful as it can be! However, when problems arise, diagnosis and treatment in the earliest stages is desirable. Tooth decay, or cavities, can develop on the teeth and become extremely problematic if not caught and addressed early on. Cavities are easily treated at Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center with the use of dental fillings.

What is a filling?

Cavities are holes that develop in the natural tooth enamel due to acids and poor oral health care. These acids eat away at the enamel and result in the development of dental caries. To treat cavities, most dentists use fillings placed after the damaged tooth structure has been removed and the area has been properly disinfected. Fillings of all materials have been used in the past, but our practice focuses on the use of composite resin bonding materials. Composite resin bonding comes in many different shades. When used to fix an area of decay, the composite resin bonding looks completely natural and is difficult to discern from existing tooth enamel.

How is a filling placed?

First, the dentist at Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center will diagnose the condition. Cavities can be found by either a physical evaluation or through dental x-rays. If a cavity has been spotted, the area of decay is removed prior to having composite resin placed to fill the space. This material also seals the tooth to avoid bacteria entering into the tooth structure. In situations where a large area of filling is used, the tooth structure may become weak and a dental crown may be fabricated to further protect the tooth over the existing filling.

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