Why Do the Teeth Develop Cavities?

At Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center, our patients are focused on ensuring they have healthy smiles free from disease and cavities. But why do the teeth develop cavities, and how can patients reduce their risk of decay?

Causes of tooth decay

When patients think of their tooth, they often think just of the tooth’s enamel. However, the enamel protects many elements inside of a tooth. Beneath the enamel is the dentin, which is a sensitive material that covers and protects the dental pulp. The dental pulp is a collection of tissues, nerves, and the blood supply that keep the tooth alive and healthy. When the enamel of the tooth is impacted by trauma or decay, it can reach the sensitive portion of the dentin and even cause an infection if it reaches the dental pulp inside. This is why the diagnosis and treatment of a cavity as soon as possible is highly recommended, along with preventative care.

Possible treatment options

When patients are faced with a diagnosis of tooth decay, they need to learn about the ways in which they can treat it. If the area of decay is caught early, treatment will be minimally invasive and easy to remedy. However, the longer a patient waits to have their treatment performed, or the condition itself diagnosed, the more likely the condition will cause extensive damage. In fact, once the decay reaches the dental pulp, the most effective treatment becomes a root canal. Smaller areas of decay may be treated easily with the use of a filling, often done with composite resin bonding materials to fill in the area and keep the decay from getting worse. Of course, most patients can avoid tooth decay by taking proper care of their smile with routine dental visits and proper home care solutions.

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