A Bethlehem area dentist explains proper oral hygiene habits

Are you seeking a dental team in the Bethlehem and Allentown, PA communities who can help you improve your oral health and wellness? Good oral hygiene routines are important to maintaining the health of the smile, combating conditions that can negatively impact it including periodontal disease and tooth decay. While home healthcare habits are vital, so are routine dental appointments at Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center. Our team of professionals are pleased to provide a wide range of services to help others avoid damage to the bone, gum tissue, and natural teeth. 

What is considered good oral hygiene habits? 

Even if you visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning and evaluation, your smile needs daily care and attention. Our dentists at Gentle Family Dentistry and Implant Center strongly advise patients to be aware of how they care for their smile between visits. Below are a few of the more common oral hygiene tips and recommendations from our team: 

  • Use a soft-bristled brush. Avoid bristles that are too hard, and brush gently, not aggressively. You want to remove plaque and tartar, but not cause bleeding or discomfort at the gumline.
  • Brush after every meal. Any food or beverage that is left on the teeth can cause staining or contribute to the development of cavities or periodontal disease. After every meal, including snacks, you should brush if possible.
  • Flossing is important. Many patients forget to floss, but it is critical to one’s oral health and wellness. Food easily becomes trapped between teeth, especially in patients who have significant misalignment and spacing between the teeth within the arch. Flossing correctly ensures a cleaner smile!
  • Visit the dentist regularly. In addition to visiting the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and evaluation, patients who notice changes in their oral health will also want to schedule an appointment for further examination. Many conditions caught early can be effectively treated in a less costly and effective manner.

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