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Invisalign Gold Plus Provider Allentown & Bethlehem PAAh, braces. What once was the rite of passage for many of us in our teen years is no longer a necessity for the teens of today. We can’t say we’re sad about it. We love options, and would have loved to have clear braces ourselves! In fact, it’s not just teenagers who come in asking for clear braces these days.

It’s true. Many adults are also looking to enhance their smiles by straightening teeth that have shifted over the years. Are you interested in realigning some of those pesky teeth, or maybe just giving your overcrowded smile a little more room to breathe? Keep reading for the biggest differences between Invisalign and traditional braces to help you make your decision easier.


So many of us in this age of social media are even more concerned with appearances than ever before. Honestly, we don’t think it’s a bad thing. We don’t mind the look of traditional braces, but we can’t argue with the look of plain, gorgeous teeth. For adults who speak publicly, traditional braces might prove distracting.


One of the biggest differences (and one of the nicest) is that Invisalign trays are removable. That means that you don’t have to worry about eating different foods or changing the way you brush your teeth. No more saying “No” to popcorn or picking out gummy treats from between wires. Eat what you want, and then put your trays right back on.


Changing your habits can be challenging, and braces don’t make it any easier. We aren’t surprised when we see calcium deposits or swollen gums on braces wearers. If you aren’t sure you can put in the extra work to change your hygiene habits for traditional braces, then Invisalign might be just right for you.


Unfortunately, you just can’t avoid adjustments. We need to see you regularly to make sure your treatment is going as planned. Expect to see us every two weeks to get new Invisalign trays, whereas you would see us every six to eight weeks for traditional braces adjustments.

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